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God Gave Us Easter: LadyD Books

What the book is about...

"God loved us so much he wanted us to always be with him too. That’s why God knew he’d need to give us Easter.”  

As Little Cub celebrates Easter with Papa, Mama, and her brother and sister, she begins to ask her papa questions about this very special day of the year.  Papa lovingly explains God’s plans for his children, while taking Little Cub on a memorable walk through her stunning Arctic world, and he shares how Easter came about in clear, simple terms that even the littlest cubs can understand.

 My Review

It's amazing how the author can take a complex thought, like the meaning of Easter because it is part of a much bigger story and break it down in a simple way so that children can understand why God gave us Easter. There's lots of symbolism woven throughout the storyline, from an eggshell that cracks open, along with Jesus not in the tomb, plus the falling down of a big tree that leads to fallen pine cones sprinkling seeds for baby trees to grow. Throughout the book, there's so many sensitive questions Little Cub and Papa need to talk about, like letting go and moving on and Lisa Tawn Bergren answers them tenderly, yet so skillfully. I especially like the part about Little Cub hearing the voice of Jesus. A beautiful book for children and adults; for home and church library.

5/5 stars. Highly recommend it! I love this one. I'm a huge fan.

I received this book for free from Early Reviewers in exchange for my honest review.

God Gave Us Easter

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