Pretty Dancing Girls

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 Every year in our small town, the local dance studio performs an outdoor dance performance. These photos were taken last April and yes, every winter I long for those warm sunny days when I will see those pretty dancing girls again! Oh, how I love to watch their graceful steps in motion as they twirl and swirl so effortlessly in their gorgeous dresses and elegant fans. Photos for Blue Monday

Lola Fandango Barefoot Book

Lola's Fandango is an Ezra Jack Keats honorable mention for best author and illustrator! I have this one in my library and it's great! The book cover reminded me of the dancing gals above!

For ages 4 to 10.
Written By: Anna Witte
Illustrated By: Micha Archer
Narrated By: The Amador Family

Lola is a young Spanish girl in awe of her glamorous older sister. However, she discovers her own talent and duende, or spirit, through secret fandango lessons from her father. The text is infused with the rhythms, movements and sounds of the dance and the humanity of Lola’s family is beautifully portrayed by Micha Archer’s collage-paintings.

Take a peek at some of Micha Archer's illustrations.

book illustrations

lola and her mom

children's picture book

Another wonderful advantage to any outdoor festival or gathering is the food court! Being Greek, I am always on the outlook for a sign that happens to say...

food court at the fair: LadyD Books
Photo for Mandarin Orange Monday

Isn't art wonderful? You can enjoy it live, like the girls performing in photo #1. I personally enjoy reading books with my grandchildren. I love word crafting. To us Greeks, food is a beautiful from of artwork. Then there's photography and I've learned so much from many professional photographers online. You'll find tons of artwork for purchase to adorn your beautiful home, as well. 

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