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palomar mountain on a spring day: LadyD Books

 I'm currently reading a hardcover book called, "Coming to Canada" by Susan Hughes. It's about building a life in a new land. This is an eastern view from our home, looking out at a fairly large mountain range. The sky has a different hue today as we head into spring. I'd love to see yours.

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Coming to Canada book

Coming to Canada: Building a Life in a New Land (Wow Canada! Collection)

There are many stories of immigration as there are people in Canada. This lavishly illustrated book brings together these stirring human dramas and it's through their telling that the country's story unfolds.

"When the Ukrainians arrived on the prairies, their most immediate task was to build a house. Those who came to an area that other Ukrainians had already settled were lucky and would often be put up by friends, family member, or even former fellow villagers while they built their own solid homes."
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building construction site: LadyD Books

I was driving around the neighborhood and came across a fairly new construction site. It was exciting to see the wall being lifted up. It brought to mind the book I'm reading this week.

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While in the same area, I captured this beautiful bud from the mock orange plant. If untrimmed, they can reach for the sky! It does look like an orange blossom, don't you think?

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Of course, it's the people inside the home that makes it so special.
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Coming to Canada is actually about immigrants. Fired with determination and courage, steeled with resolve, these people made their way here across land and sea to start a new life. They brought with them the words, skills, and memories of what had been, and they worked to create a new vision of what could be.


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