Book Review: Joy in Worship

Joy in Worship paperback book
Understanding Worship According to the Word of God
Having served in various churches for over 30 years, my husband playing the guitar and myself on the keyboard, we've been delighted to share our musical gifts with the worship team. So many wonderful memories and collection of music songs we've played together, along with other fellow musicians. You can see why I was anxious to read, Joy in Worship by James Vickery.


A must-read for the church leaders, growing Christians and musicians with their art. Vickery helps us to understand worship from good Biblical perspectives. You'll find wisdom and encouragement in ministry as you ponder the blessings in private and corporate worship. Preparing one's heart in humility is a prerequisite of true worship. Knowing that we are the church will ignite our hearts to worship and adore God before we enter the building. When you read through 21 chapters, you will glean a new perspective that God truly is interested in our worship to Him, instead of mesmerizing crowds with an abundance of a feel-good, entertainment style of music being played nowadays in place of special, heavenly worship to God.

I enjoyed the layout of the book and the solid principles written within. It is true that worship offered to God is the purpose of human existence. This would be a great addition in the home and church library because of its theological study and Biblical approach to worship. Leaders will get a better grasp of the worship ministry because the author shares his knowledge here.  However, I missed personal stories, warmth, and humor but nonetheless, a hearty manual for the redeemed worshiper.

Insightful 4/5 stars!
I was not compensated in any way, in exchange for my honest review.

Joy in Worship: Understanding Worship According to the Word of God

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