Patches of Flaming Orange

orange glow sky: LadyD Books
Skywatch Friday

What makes clouds turn different colors?

The clouds borrow their colors from the sunbeams. An ordinary sunbeam seems to have no color at all and we cannot really see it. But actually, it is made from all the colors of the rainbow. We cannot see them because they are woven and blended together. But there are certain things that separate the hidden colors of the sunbeams... See them when the morning and evening clouds blush with pink and red and adorn the sky with patches of flaming orange, palest green, and deep purple.

To do this, the sunbeams need fine gaseous particles in the air and the clouds. These fine fragments bend some of their colored threads and scatter them around the sky. Some of them shine on the clouds for us to see. The pretty colors come in the evening and early morning when the sun is low in the sky. This is when its sunbeams slant down long paths through the air. There are more fine fragments to split off the rainbow colors and shine them on the clouds.
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Friendship Friday: Ring in Spring 

Daylight savings time is here, so after being greeted by a special, vibrant sunrise like this... well, I just know I will be spending more outdoor time with my grandson! For us that means, preparing the soil for our garden, planting fresh vegetables and herbs. We love watching seeds grow and helping them grow with lots of water. Later on in the day, we'll be going on nature walks together to look at butterflies and scoop up macadamia nuts along the ground to take back home to put in our dryer. What do you like about Spring? 

Orange You Glad It's Friday 

gazanias on the ranch: LadyD Books

Gazanias are grown for the brilliant color of their sunny flower-heads which appear in the late spring and are often in bloom throughout the summer into autumn. These brightly colored Gazanias have arrived early on our ranch, and seem to be saying joyfully in 'flower talk', "Happy Spring!"

How's the weather where you are?

grandson and horses 

Our grandson Ben loves animals, especially horses. He loves these horse decals that his mom put on the walls for Ben at his house. I thought these pictures are a soothing green in color for an up-coming holiday for many. Blessings to you and yours on St. Patrick's Day. 

Oh, if you're looking for some fun artwork to do with the kids this weekend, (along with a salad spinner) have a look at Spin Art and Blotto Paint Shamrocks.

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Horses Grazing Among Bluebonnets
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paperback book about worship

 The Friday 56

I  just started reading this intellectually stimulating and emotionally exhilarating paperback book. Review to follow soon. Here's a little excerpt:
"There is a sense of excitement and joy as the child of God anticipates the time when he or she will join the people of God for collective worship." -- James Vickery
Joy in Worship: Understanding Worship According to the Word of God

I love the cover art with the music notes on the cross. It's a great visual that reminds me to carry a song in my heart wherever I go (in church or outdoors in nature) and worship the creator of this beautiful universe. Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends.

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis
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