7 Reasons to Like Lavender

Lavender: LadyD Books

Nestled in the foothills of the Palomar Mountain Range in northern San Diego County, Keys Creek Lavender Farm is a delightful, picturesque destination with row after row of beautiful, fragrant lavender.

Keys Creek Lavender Farm: LadyD Books

I had the opportunity to visit the farm recently since May & June is their bloom season. These beautiful surroundings heightened my senses, relaxed my mind and fed my soul. You can see the labyrinth garden in the left panel. The farm stand provides bath, body and health products, honey, fresh cut lavender, lavender plants and more. Visit their website, Keys Creek Lavender Farm

Lavender Hill: LadyD Books

I personally think guys and gals can benefit from the lavender product. It's beneficial for aching muscles, fatigue, headache, ear ache, insomnia, stress and anxiety, sinusitis... just to name a few. Like lavender? I'm a huge fan!

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Lavender by Tessa Evelegh: LadyD BOoks

The Page 56 :

"Lavender blues, in hues from deepest indigo through amethyst, violet and hyacinth, all evoke a richness that is well documented throughout history. Purple symbolizes majesty in many cultures. Maybe it is the richness of the color that makes it so attractive, maybe it is its vast range of shades, from pink and red to blue, that means it can be mixed and matched to many other tones."

Lavender - Practical Inspirations For Natural Gifts, Country Crafts And Decorative Displays

I love the book, especially the chapter layout and its contents for easy reference... like,

History and Folklore
Lavender and Linen
Decorative Lavender
Fragrant Lavender
Delicious Lavender


 “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis
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