The Straight Line Family

Owls Head, Maine: LadyD Books

Most people think a straight line can only be thin. I look at the tree trunks and see a variety of thickness. How about you? This photo for Skywatch Friday was taken at Owls Head, Maine. It's a town in Knox County, Maine.

boats in harbor at owls head, maine: LadyD Books

Have you ever been to Maine? I've seen the east coast in the winter and summer. It's quite magical!

an art course by mona brookes

"When you observe and explore straight lines in the environment, they are usually attached to things and have to be isolated in order to be recognized, such as a line going from the ceiling to the floor in the corner of the room, one side of the picture frame, or one particular branch in a tree." -- Mona Brookes

Drawing with Children: A Creative Teaching and Learning Method That Works for Adults Too

I've always wanted to learn how to draw, especially to advance from stick figures and see myself making progress!  I just love this snippet from the Foreword of Mona Brookes book:

"I love to draw. My first box with twenty-four Crayola crayons was my most valued possession. The words azure, mauve, and taupe made me tremble with anticipation. The silver and gold crayons were especially precious; I used them more sparingly than any other colors..."
How about you... do you have artistic talent and does it run in the family? I love to write stories, play the piano, and sing but I find myself tracing from coloring books or drawing the straight line family!


“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis
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