Book Review: Vacations with Buster (The Buster Series, #2)

Vacations with Buster: LadyD Books
I was thrilled to hear that I would be working again with author, London Lake Pickett. What I mean is that I have this wonderful opportunity to write a review for the second children's book in a series, Vacations with Buster. I met Buster in the first book, a warm and like-able pet... plus, he's a very smart guide dog and I blogged about my reading experience at Adventures with Buster.

  • About The Book
"Vacations with Buster" is the second book in a series about guide dogs and blindness. London Lake Pickett shares experiences she has had with her guide dog named Buster. Although it is a children's book, the story will entertain and educate all readers.
  • My Review
Buster is a special, well-behaved guide dog who has been trained to safely guide London to many places. You see, they go everywhere together because she has an eye disease (blind in left eye and has ten percent right vision). Sometimes we all need one another and Buster helps London to avoid tripping and falling, especially bumping into things or getting lost. You can't help but want to pet these dogs when you see them, but the author tells us it's best to let the dog do his job of protecting someone who cannot see above or below or all round the side very well. These messages are an important theme throughout the book.

There's another part of the story that I especially like. It's about fun and friendship together! You never know what Buster and London will find on their walk. You'll read all about Buster's adventures at a school, enjoying the beach, taking a hiking trip to the mountains and the desert, and having a wonderful time together with London.  Love-able, 100 pound Buster even knows how to be quiet and he's well behaved in a small shop with life-size stuffed animals.  London communicates by saying commands and Buster follows them. Learn a list of commands in the back of the book. The illustrations are nice.

I highly recommend this educational book about blindness and guide dogs. It will make a great addition to home, school and church libraries. 5/5 stars!
  • About The Author

Buster lives in North Carolina with London, her husband and children, their three dogs, a cat named Bear and four fish."Adventures with Buster" is the first in a series, "The Buster Series". "Vacations with Buster" "The Adventures Continue with a Guide Dog Named Buster" is available for purchase.

Vacations with Buster (The Buster Series, #2)

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