Review: Love Thug (a.k.a Can't I Do Anything Wrong?)

Chapter Book: Kindle Edition l Love Thug
Romantic comedy, especially for boys 10-13

                                       LOVE THUG (a.k.a. Can't I Do Anything Wrong?)

I was fortunate to have Daniel Berenson contact LadyD Books for a review on his recently published book, Love Thug. I'm the lucky one! The bug has 81 pages with an illustration for each chapter.

About The Book

 Billy Cantrell, normally a highly motivated student, is having the biggest crisis of his life. He has fallen madly in love with the hottest babe in his class.

There's only one problem: she already has a boyfriend, who happens to be a low-achieving dude with a totally crude 'tude--in other words, the exact opposite of Billy.

What's a guy like Billy to do? Well, he's going to do a major makeover, that's what. No more Mr. Nice Guy. No more trying to please his teachers or parents. To win the girl of his dreams, Billy will turn himself into a LOVE THUG. Then he'll have to outduel his competitor in a real-life punkathon to see who ends up as the new King of the Hill.

Will Billy triumph and win his dearly beloved or go down in flames?

LOVE THUG is a romantic comedy--full of love, heartache, and silliness. Anyone who's ever been crazy in love will identify with this story of kids doing what they do best: following their dream no matter where it takes them, no matter what the cost.

Love Thug Trailer

My Review

The writing is smart and hilarious with some deeper meanings that come out well. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and loved the ambitious drive of the main character, Billy who desperately pursues a romantic relationship with school heart-throb Veronica, but she already has a boyfriend. The story plot has a great universal hook in that most tween boys like girls. Plus, there's a great moral lesson to be learned from best friends, Kevin and Laurie. Mostly, you can't please everyone, so you got to please yourself and simply be you! From love thug to love bug you'll enjoy this classic comic novella for kids. I highly recommend this adolescent love story. I guarantee it will give you a chuckle. 5/5 stars!


Daniel Berenson is a long time elementary and middle school educator in North Carolina (with a year in England as a Fulbright Exchange Teacher thrown in). He is the founder and principal contributor at Freaky Dude Books, where he posts original poetry, videos, and achingly poignant pearls of wisdom. At the site he also maintains a blog with news and timely, incisive comments. However the blog has been in essence taken over by Dr. Crankenfuss, the middle schooler who lives in Daniel's head and who invests most of his energy in perpetual rants against real or perceived injustices. Daniel writes novels, short story collections, poetry, and joke books for kids aged nine and up including maturity-challenged adults.

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