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While watching her Chinese immigrant son-in-law learn the English language, it became apparent to the author that prepositions are one of the most difficult concepts to comprehend. Therefore, The Dance of The Caterpillars was written as a fun way to teach prepositions. This exciting children’s book contains twenty-two prepositions, one two-word multiple, and two three-word multiples. It is destined to become a valuable learning tool for children as well as English as a second language students. This book includes English, traditional Korean characters, and Korean transliteration. There is also a vocabulary list at the back of the book for your continued study.

My Review

If you love fairies, frogs, toads, crickets, caterpillars and butterflies, you'll LOVE this book. The author has written not just a charming story that holds your interest throughout, but has provided a learning study for the Korean language. The brightly colored illustrations are adorned with musical notes that I especially like. The story line shows young ones how caterpillars gather in the garden and begin to dance, while fairies sprinkle magic dust. You know what happens next, what fun! My favorite line is, "They cha-cha-cha up one side of the pagoda, over the top and down the other side."

5/5 stars. Recommend.

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