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Making Soap from Scratch: Complete Beginner's Guide to Natural Handmade Soaps [Kindle Edition]

Book Description

“From start to finish, this guide makes natural, cold process soap making easy to master at any level. Thank you, Summer, for sharing your experience and recipes.” – Praise for Making Soap from Scratch

Cold process handmade soap is a surprisingly simple craft and art…when you’ve got the right guide. Look no further, Making Soap from Scratch is it!

With easy-to-follow instructions and straight-forward advice, soaping professional and instructor, Summer Vautier, will help you make natural soap at home from start to finish.

With this complete guide, you’ll easily master making natural soap for friends, family and for profit. This book includes:

• Step-by-step instructions for making cold process and hot process soap
• Equipment and ingredient checklists
• How to use molds, plus cutting and curing your soap
• Small and large batch soap recipes, from the luxurious to economical
• A guide to using essential oils and fragrances
• How to meet labeling requirements, plus getting creative with packaging for selling and gifting soap

This guide also includes swirling colors, making expensive-looking layers, incorporating embeds, and more! You’ll soon be making delicious-looking and smelling soaps, like:
Sweet Baby Chamomile Soap
Tough Guy Mahogany Soap
Chai Tea Latte Soap
Chocolate Peppermint Patty Soap
The Perfect Face Bar
Hawaiian Sunrise Soap
Fresh Cut Grass Soap
Spiced Holiday Pumpkin Pie Soap
Vanilla-Cherry Chip Soap
Lavender Sprig Soap
Lemon Crème Soap
Orange Sherbet Soap
Espresso Roast Soap
And more!

My Review

The author has shared her knowledge and experience of soap making to the beginner, as well as the experienced hobbyist. I have always admired this artwork and have enjoyed homemade bars of soap from the Farmer's Market. Here you'll discover the ins and outs to the craft from supplies and merchandise to safety gear and molds. Some of the recipes mentioned have a citrusy, pleasant scent while others have a buttery conditioning property. Others have a refreshing, cooling effect on the skin. An interesting note, there's a breakdown on how to make "Tough Guy's Soap" that is manly and mild, and soap for babies. In addition, clear steps are listed for dry skin and fragrance/color-free soap bars. If you love soap making, get the book.  (Very informative) 5/5 stars!


Summer Vautier first fell in love with natural soaps as a young girl. As an adult, she grew to fully appreciate homemade soaps and other natural goods for their purity and positive impact.

Summer is a soaping instructor, artist and entrepreneur. When not spending time with her husband and children, you can find her creating new soaps for her Lather Bee soap line, gardening, or lost in the jungle that is her craft room.

I personally don't know if I'd make my own soaps but I sure do like to buy so many of them at our local Farmer's Market. The delightful smells and aromas are marvelous, especially so many varieties with all kinds of shapes and sizes. I found this book to be very informative for soap making.

Making Soap from Scratch: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Natural Handmade Soaps

Happy reading!

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