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A Day at the Zoo: LadyD Books

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A day at the zoo is a book you can show and read to your kids that takes you on a poetic journey through the zoo with all your favorite animals and more. Read it to your kids for fun time or bed time, either way everyone will enjoy a day at the zoo.

My Thoughts

The author has captured 20 subjects (like animals, flowers and rainbows) with well written rhyme, no more than 6 lines of words. Along with some nice pictures, I found this book to be quite informative. My grandson, who is 5 especially likes The Ant Hill, while our 3 year old granddaughter loves Zebras! Perhaps you will see larger photos on your e-reader but on my iPad the pictures were fairly small. All in all, a wonderful visit to the zoo.    

4/5 stars. Recommend for young children.
 A Day at The Zoo


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Lion resting at the Safari Park: LadyD Books

Lion and lioness sleeping : LadyD Books

While my granddaughter was here for a visit, we were able to go to the Safari Park together once again. The lion and lioness were sleeping... well, maybe resting a bit in the shade from the warm temps but then, all of a sudden the lion sat up. I was able to take these pictures through the glass.

It was so nice to come home and read this eBook afterwards. Children really seem to like animals and enjoy reading about them, too.

A Day at The Zoo

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