5 Tips to Keep Reading

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5 Tips to Keep Reading

Many people set goals for themselves with the New Year. One of the most popular is to read so many books by x day. Other times, parents are at their wits end trying to get a child to enjoy reading. Unfortunately, one of the biggest obstacles when trying to accomplish these goals is that people think reading is boring and then they lose interest and stop reading. The best way to keep this from happening is to prevent it before it even starts. Here are some tips for keeping reading fun.

1. Read New Things

This may seem obvious at first glance, but when you think harder about what you are reading, how much do your books vary from one to another? If the basic plot lines are all alike in the ones you are picking up from the library or the book store, eventually you are going to be able to guess what will happen next in each story, and then the books are no longer exciting at all. So, if you are finding yourself becoming uninterested in reading, try this. Go to a section of the library or the bookstore that you never go to, and pick a few up which catch your eye. You just might find a new favorite genre.

2. Read Somewhere Else

So often, we do things because they are habit. Reading is no different. To break free of a grind while reading, try to do it a little differently each time you read. Do you have a patio or a deck? On sunny days, take the book outside and let the sunshine be your lamp. Inside the house, give yourself more than one cozy nook where you can curl up with your favorite thriller. This can be your bed, a chair, the guest bed, wherever you feel like you have a quiet place to relax and read.

3. Read in Clubs

Reading has a reputation for being a very anti-social activity. Break that reputation apart by turning it into a social activity. You can join a book club and have an excuse to get together with friends every month, eat snacks, and talk about the books that you have just read. It will keep you motivated because the reading will not just be something you expect yourself to do, it will be something others expect you to do as well.

4. Read in Communities

The internet has really changed the way fans of certain books can interact with each other and with their favorite authors. If you find you like a certain author or series, go online and join some of the fan clubs. This will give you place to talk about the books you like best with like-minded individuals, learn of similar books you may enjoy, and discover insider information on characters, future books, and where you can meet the author for a book signing. All of these things can keep anyone of any age interested in books.

5. Set Goals/Rewards

If you've already set a goal of reading so many books, be sure to factor in a reward system too. Parents can do this easily if they want their child to read more books by setting the rewards in increments and making them achievable. This establishes a connection between reading and something tangible and desirable and makes it easier to stay interested in reading.

Reading is important at any age. The trick to starting and continuing to read is to add motivation and interest to the activity by engaging with other people, rewarding the positive behaviors, and avoiding excessive routine.

Jennifer Henke is the author of numerous educational aides for young students. Her recent work is on the Best Online Criminal Justice Schools.

Happy Reading!

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