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From the music series, Chopin - First Discovery (Music) written by Catherine Weill and illustrated by Charlotte Voake, with narration by Michael Cantwell.

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As a young Polish boy, Chopin was already composing his own tunes at the age of five. He learned Latin, Greek, and French, then German, English, and Italian at the same time he was learning to play the piano. Children who can tell stories through their piano playing or singing, or who have ever danced a Polish mazurka, will find that they have much in common with Chopin.

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Fryderyk Chopin was ushered into the world with his mother singing a sweet lullaby and introducing him to the piano at just five years old. His father who taught him many foreign languages was proud of his son playing for the Russian Tsar when he was eight. Chopin loved the rhythm of country dances and loved the opera at twelve. Moving to Paris from Poland, he was a success, a genius at improvisation and well praised during the Romantic period. Chopin composed 24 studies that were extremely difficult to play and enjoyed giving piano lessons to so many. He wrote polonaises, elegant waltzes and mazurkas recalling his native country. Chopin also wrote ballades (a poem that tells a story) and nocturnes. The beautiful book is a plus for music education, as well as hearing the beautiful music of Chopin. My favorite quote, "If you want to play the piano, you have to make it sing."

5/5 stars! Highly recommend.

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Latin, German and Music
First Success
National Dances
What Glorious Singing
His Trusted Friend
The Lure Of The Unknown
A Genius!
Music To Learn By
Music To Dance To
Music To Dream By

Fryderyk Chopin (First Discovery: Music)

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