The Avocado Hummingbird

hummingbird around the perrennials: LadyD Books

hummingbird perched on wind chime

Anna Hummingbird rests by the bird feeder

hummingbird perched on wind chime

hummingbird resting on avocado branch

iron hummingbird near lavender bush: LadyD Books

I've decided that hummingbirds are just too fast for me to capture with their record breaking speed. There's a remarkable number of them lingering around the fruit tree blossoms and for sure, they're glistening on the avocado tree branches. They seem to be attracted to some of my perennials (Penstemon species) around the yard. I've noticed that the young hummingbird perches itself on one of my wind chimes that are placed near their feeder. I am so intrigued by these sweet, angelic birds. The popular Anna's Hummingbird in SoCal is so graceful and sparkling with its green back and ruby red breast. They seem to like the Sage and Salvia blossoms, too... and especially the avocado!

Do you have them in your area? If so, what camera tips can you share regarding their charming image? I guess I might need to practice zooming closer but sometimes when I do then my image gets blurry. I tried to get close before they vanished from my lens. I hope my iron hummingbird yard stake brought a smile to your face!

Thanks so much for the overwhelming response to last week's post from all the bird watchers. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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