The Friday 56: SMART Goals!

Turn Your Dreams and Wants into Achievable Smart GoalsThis book is a comprehensive manual on effective goal-setting for entrepreneurs, managers, and parents.

- It offers practical strategies to identify the goals that are meaningful and matter most to you.
- It teaches you to objectively evaluate your goals and eliminate the ones that are not realistic.
- It provides solutions for overcoming challenges that arise as you’re moving along the way to your success.
- It coaches you how to face fears rather than to avoid them.
- It arms you with useful tools and know-hows to empower you to take actions that will ensure the results you desire.

What I'm Learning

After reading some of the reviews, I see that the author helps one discover how to set realistic goals, how to cope with our mindset to overcome doubt and negativity and stage fright and replace those with self-accountability, self-discipline, and self-leadership. I like stories that reveal comebacks, second chances, motivation, perseverance and inspirational victories!

The Friday 56 

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"Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles, and less than perfect conditions. So what? get started now!" 
          -- Anna Stevens

I'm really looking forward to reading more since it goes beyond a children's picture book (which I'm always reading) and has 124 pages! The book has received lots of praise.

"Anna provides practical information in a format that is easy to follow." -- Bambi S. Bellflowers

"I would recommend the book to anyone needing direction, or someone that just wants to find out more about how they really think or what they believe." -- Jen K

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Turn Your Dreams and Wants into Achievable SMART Goals!

storm leaving the valley: LadyD Books

cloud layers over the valley: LadyD Books

storm clouds surrounding palm trees: LadyD Books

Mostly we have warm daily temperatures here in SoCal, but there are some days where these 'smart layers' of clouds threaten us with a few showers and then they head out towards the mountains. I love this valley view. As you can see, the hills are not very green as we continue to experience drought conditions. The contrast is so huge between us and other parts of the U.S. having a hard winter this year. This week the kids will be on their Spring Break as we head towards Easter.

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How is it where you are and what will you be doing for a little April vacation? I went to the Butterfly Exhibit yesterday and can't wait to post some of my pictures. Stay tuned and have a great weekend!

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