Tomahawk Fire Nearby

Camp Pendleton Fire: LadyD Books

Tomahawk Fire: LadyD Books

Las Pulgas Fire: LadyD Books

 Tomahawk Fire: Camp Pendleton

Seven years ago I was forced to evacuate because our home was surrounded by three fires. As you probably heard on the news, there were about 9-10 fires going on around San Diego County last week. This time, although it was an extremely stressful day, we were fortunate in that we didn't have to leave our home. I wanted to share with my readers a look at what was rapidly approaching our ranch that terrible, smokey day. The winds were continually changing and the temperatures were so hot with highs around 100+ degrees. We are so thankful and grateful that our home is still here and that our family nearby is safe. Our hearts are hurting for all those who have suffered such loss... May your hearts be comforted and our prayers are with you. Thanks to family and friends; our community for their support and prayers, too.

Have you ever experienced an evacuation and if so, what did you take with you? I grabbed all our photos, important papers and musical instruments. Here is a resource I found online, Evacuating List

Photos for Skywatch Friday

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