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The Call to Follow Jesus is a manual for kingdom living. This interactive book features nine weeks of looking into the life and times of Jesus by going through the Gospel of Mark verse by verse. In it you gain an understanding of how Jesus called, taught, led and changed His disciples. How they learned to "see" and "hear" transformed them into world-changers. It is the same process God uses in our lives today. Written as a companion for sermon study groups, small groups, women's studies or as a stand alone handbook and guide through the Gospel of Mark, this book will change you. This study explores topics such as Getting in touch with the gift of pain; The me I don't want to see; Faith concealed, revealed and rewarded; and When seeing malfunctions: Truth twisting.

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  • Series: Kingdom Living in a Twisted World
  • Paperback: 214 pages
  • Publisher: WestBowPress (June 24, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1449795927
  • ISBN-13: 978-1449795924

The Friday 56

"But I also trust you've gathered the cloak of hope around you as you have seen Who has the power over evil; Who has the power to save; Who has the power to change us from the inside out." -- Kim Laliberte

My Review 


An engaging study, verse by verse you'll gain new insights into the Gospel of Mark. A fresh approach from a lawyer's perspective, the author asks many thought-provoking questions that will cause the reader to dig deeper and find new understanding in God's word. I especially like the layout of the book. There are 9 Chapters with each one yielding a 5 day approach, along with an hour of daily homework (more or less) in writing out your newly discovered answers. 

The Background Information provides cultural insights, while The Disciple's Perspective offers clues on what Christ's disciples experienced. You will be enriched by the Historical Quotes, plus the Parallel Passages offer more clarity on scripture. Getting to the Heart of the Matter is my favorite part of the study, so rich in personal application. This is a wonderful series for everyone and you will not be disappointed. I highly recommend this one for study groups, women's studies and a personal study that will greatly impact your life, causing you to be a contagious Christian!

5/5 stars!

About the Author

Kim Laliberte graduated from Biola University with a BS in Christian Education. She later attended law school. She is a former law professor and currently practices civil appellate law in Southern California. She taught adult Bible studies and trained leaders for many years at her local church where she also served on staff as the director of women's ministries and director of adult education. She is a popular Bible teacher and speaker at retreats, luncheons and conferences. She and her husband John have one son. They are recent transplants to San Diego County where they are experiencing and adjusting to country living for the first time.

Personal Note

I had the privilege of getting to know the author over a period of nine weeks at my home church.  Kim is a bright light in the community. Along with being an excellent speaker,  I  found Kim to be kind and loving, sensitive and gracious, and a strong encourager. I appreciate her labor of love from The Series Kingdom Living In A Twisted World. You ask, what golden nugget did I receive? Well, to 're-frame the lie, trust the word and hold on to the rope of hope. I'm going to keep pedaling, knowing God is always with me and enjoy the view!

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The Call to Follow Jesus: Studies in the Gospel of Mark: From the Series Kingdom Living in a Twisted World

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