Bird Talk: Murmuration Meeting

Starlings taking a splash in the fountain: LadyD Books

Starlings are small to medium-sized passerine birds in the family Sturnidae. They're known as a common garden bird around here and always appear in a solid black color. In you area are they spotted? The farmers around here say they're a nuisance, so many of the fruit orchards are covered with mylar strips or a netting to protect the fruit.

starling perched upon a fountain: LadyD Books

Starlings have strong feet, their flight is strong and direct, and they are very gregarious. We find them in our fruit orchard and are constantly shoeing them away! They don't really care for mylar strips that protect our peach and apricot tree. The crows are another matter and I shall address them soon.

starling taking a bath: LadyD Books

The name "Sturnidae" comes from the Latin word for starling, sturnus. Occasionally we find them getting a drink of water from the fountain and enjoying a splash or two!

many starlings on the telephone wires: LadyD Books

Their preferred habitat is fairly open country, and they eat insects and fruit.  We see them quite often throughout the day, chatting amongst themselves.

starlings on the overhead power lines: LadyD Books

The starlings are generally a highly social family.  A flock of starlings is called a murmuration.

Bird Talk: LadyD Books

 Starlings are known to imitate man-made environmental sounds, such as phone boxes and cars. So, whether a gray day or pretty blue skies... we can count on the starlings showing up in SoCal.

Do you have them in your area? Do they look like ours or are they colorful?

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Starling Poem

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis
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