Canadian Geese: A Masterpiece

Two Large Canadian Geese: LadyD Books

              They had been joined together by nature's force to always be as one,
         the pair had traveled many miles through rain, sleet and sun. --
Eula Slauson

I spent some time at the San Diego Safari Park wondering around and capturing a few photos of these beautiful Canadian Geese. It's such a peaceful environment for them to enjoy. These feathered beauties are not shy with the public. As long as there is an abundance of grain and berries, I'm pretty sure they'll be around the park for quite some time. Photos for Wild Bird Wednesday

One Canadian Goose

                                     Average life span in the wild is 24 years.

Canada Goose swimming on the lake: LadyD Books

They wear coats of liquid light, made of water and of air. 
-- Mark Koslow
Bird closeup

webbed feet of goose
He continued,

honking his displeasure

as his right foot

slid sideways

from under him. -- Belle Schmidt
Graceful geese gliding on the water: LadyD Books
                                                            Group name: Flock

beautiful bird feathers
Beautiful Canadian Goose: LadyD Books

                                                         A feathered elder!

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Chesapeake Bay Goose Music
Wild goose, brother goose,


Have you seen Canadian Geese in flight?

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