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This bright, lyrical book offers readers of all ages and backgrounds the perfect chance to reflect on all the things that they have to be grateful for. Thank You, God is a celebration of family and friends, of homes and food to share, and of the wonder of creation from the first light of day to the calm, peaceful night.

This inspiring book, with its elegant yet accessible text and vibrant illustrations, is sure to have a powerful impact on readers as it encourages them to view the world around them with fresh eyes.


 Inside Flap

Thank you, God
for the sun smiling on our earth to wake up the day,
for the light opening my eyes
to see all you have made.
From the first light of day to the calm, peaceful night, Thank You, God  highlights all the many things that readers have to be grateful for: life, love, stories, family, food, homes, and more. With its elegant yet accessible text and vibrant illustrations, this book captures the wonder of creation and encourages everyone to view the world with fresh eyes.

 Friday 56

Bless you, God
for this day,
for life,
for your love holding us together.


Another beautifully written story by J. Bradley Wigger, taking the reader on a delightful journey. It's a story of love and encouragement for every child and adult. Starting with creation, so thankful for the sun's light and being grateful for God's love keeping us all together through the night. This beautiful book is a must for every home and Sunday school library. The lyrical style helps children to be grateful for food, family, friends and their homes. The beautiful illustrations are so vibrant and charming, filled with soft warm colors. I especially like reading the part about sharing stories and singing songs. Over all, the book renews a hopeful perspective of trusting God and letting your heart dance, surrounded by His love and grace. Definitely brings the whole family together with purpose!

5/5 stars. Highly recommend for ages 3-8

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About The Author

Author J. Bradley Wigger


J. Bradley Wigger is professor of religious education at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He is the author of Together We Pray: a Prayer Book for Families (Chalice Press)


Brad Wigger grew up in Alton, Illinois, along the Mississippi River near St. Louis. He is from a family of teachers and has himself been at it for some twenty years--currently as a professor at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary in Kentucky. He specializes in courses and work with children and is currently doing field research in the wildly imaginative world of children's invisible friends. His latest scholarly work, "Original Knowing," explores the deep roots of the human mind, and what this suggests about a religious imagination. It is followed by a picture book for children, "Thank You, God" scheduled to be released August 1st.

About The Illustrator

 Jago is an award-winning children's illustrator. His books include The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing (both Zonderkidz). Jago lives in England. Visit his website at

Get a copy of the book that's soon to be released in August, Thank You God

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