Talking Parrots at the Park

Beautiful blue parrot at the San Diego Safari Park: LadyD Books

When you first walk into the San Diego Safari Park, you'll be greeted by this lovely blue parrot. I love the coloring, especially his eyes and the way he extends his leg while grooming. He's quite impressive and talks with authority as a greeter to the grounds. I'm always thrilled to see him each time I enter the grounds to the huge refuge park in the San Pasqual Valley.

Green parrot at the Avocado Festival
You'll often see this local guy wandering around the Avocado Festival that's held once a year in April. Of course, he's with his companion, a small pet parrot. Such a lovely shade of green and he seems quite loyal to his owner. He's quite popular amongst the crowd.

blue-red parrot

Wing span of red McCaw: LadyD Books

The red-blue parrots are the noisiest bunch at the park. So demonstrative in displaying their wing span, stretching and squawking so loudly, in such a commanding way!

Beautiful McCaw

Two large red parrots

Beautiful white parrot at the San Diego Safari Park

Beautiful parrot in a tree branch: LadyD Books

Parrots are very social and this beautiful white bird was making such complex sounds!

White parrote at the Safari Park

So many parrots at the Del Mar Fair

These parrots live safely and socially with their group. I was so fortunate to see so many of them at one time. I was pleasantly surprised to see them at the Del Mar Fair. If you're interested in teaching your parrot to talk, you might enjoy

Do you own a parrot?

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