Review: Bears: A Children's Book About Bears: Fun Facts And Pictures (Fun To Learn 1)

Book Review: Bears: A Children's Book About Bears

 Book Description

 Learn about bears from the perspective of two young bear cubs.

The young cubs are getting ready to hibernate but come across a book all about bears.

They turn the pages of the book and are intrigued about the world of bears.

The little bear cubs find out:

What Bears Look Like
Species Of Bears
Bear Sounds
What Bears Eat
How Bears Move
A Bear’s Senses
Where Bears Live
Baby Bears
Fun Facts About Bears

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"Here, Archisha let me read this part to you. You won't believe it!"

My Review

The story begins with a camper, while located upstream he soon forgets and leaves a book behind. The black bear twins named Archisha and Minninnewah start to read it and learn all about bears. The book is overflowing with some new and great information regarding:

American Black Bear
Asiatic Black Bear
Sloth Bear
Spectacled Bear
Brown Bear
Grizzly Bear
Kodiak Bear
Giant Panda
Sun bear
Polar Bear

For instance, did you know that Polar Bears swim 100 miles without tiring? Children between the ages of 5-8 will learn that a daddy bear is a Boar and mommy bear is a Sow. The author shares that almost all bears look alike. One important fact to glean from the book is that bears see and hear as well as humans but they have a special organ that is in the roof of their mouth so they can smell food from several miles away. The adventure of learning all about bears is fun and educational for young people and adults, too.

5/5 stars. Recommend to friends for home and school library.

Bears: A Children's Book About Bears: Fun Facts And Pictures (Fun To Learn 1)

Morning Fog: LadyD Books

Low fog with morning sunrise: LadyD Books

 Earl morning fog looks like a particular setting where one might see a bear, if up in the mountains and perhaps along a nearby stream with wilderness trees. Photo taken in SoCal facing the east.

Sky photo for Skywatch Friday
LadyD Books:
Bear in Forest - Lake Tah...
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