How To Use Precise Words: Writer's Solution

Writer's Solution

I found this excellent resource book at my local book store, immediately purchased it and quickly devoured the pages from cover to cover... it's that good! I am taking a writer's class and have gathered a plethora of writing material. To give you a little glimpse, here's the entire snippet on page 56.

 Using Precise Language


As you draft, use precise descriptive words - nouns, action verbs, vivid adjectives, and adverbs - to help your audience clearly picture what you're describing. For each detail you include, try to come up with words that convey precisely how you picture the detail in your mind. Notice how the following sentence can be improved through the use of preciser language.

Sentence With Vague Language


The dog moved across the parking lot and greeted its master.

Revised Sentence With Precise Language

The golden retriever darted across the empty parking lot and gleefully greeted its master. -- The Friday 56

Writer's Solution (Silver Sourcebook)

Book Beginning


I thought  I'd share a few inspiring quotes with you from  Gish Jen - Novelist

Gish Jen

"Another wonderful thing about writing is that... you feel connected to everybody, and you understand that all of those millions of stories around you have a bearing on your story."

Gish Jen

"One of the great challenges of every writer is to develop his or her own voice."

Gish Jen - Novelist

 "In every good piece of writing, you should feel that the author is grabbing you by the lapels and saying, 'Listen to me! Listen to me!' "
My daughter is currently working on a Steve Jobs film and I wanted to share Gish Jen's thoughts on Steve Jobs called, My Muse Was An Apple Computer

You might want to add Writer's Solution (Silver Sourcebook) to your story writing library. If you teach a writing class, like my daughter does every summer in Maine, I think this would be a lovely addition to use in the classroom.

So, what are you reading this week?

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