The Tastes of the Planets: Review

The Tastes of the Planets: LadyD Books

Book Beginning

Balu Baldauf

"If there was one thing that Balu Baldauf hated, that was dinner time. In how many words can you say yucky or yummy? He wondered."

The Friday #56

"Mars wanted to cook something that was brave like him. So he cooked BITTER tasting foods like dark leafy greens like kale and lettuce, coffee, dark chocolate, bitter melon, dandelion root, rhubarb, turmeric and neem leaves."

"And they all got together and had the best potluck picnic ever because delicious food comes in every taste."

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Book Review

In this 4th book of the series, children will learn food types that are different on other planets, such as  bitter, sweet and spicy tastes. The many colorful and cheery illustrations complement the simple text for older children to self-read and young ones to hear aloud. It's a cute story plot about the sun hosting a picnic and the gathering of the planets providing various food groups to enjoy. What a fun way for children to learn about food from all over the world, as bright and energetic Balu, embarks on this journey with a renewed perspective for cooking a unique flavor that he likes.

5/5/ stars!

Book Description

How many ways can BeBe say something was really tasty or yucky? Describing food is not as easy as it would seem. Read the book to learn six different tastes and flavors

In this book Sun is having a picnic and invites his friends to cook and bring food of different tastes. BeBe tries to find ingredients for cooking and tries different tastes from chocolates to chili sauce

This insightful beginner reader’s eBook will teach your child about different tastes and flavors, foods, fruits and vegetables for each type of taste. It will encourage your child to experiment new foods and tastes. This book is inspired by ancient Eastern astrology. 

Your kids will enjoy cute full-color illustrations of BeBe and delicious foods. With simple text and 18 colorful illustrations, it is sure to captivate your kids' hearts. 

The tastes of the planets! is a sweet children's book written especially for you and your kids ages 2- 8. The story is suitable as a read aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read book for beginner readers. Although this book may be ideal for young kids, it also enjoyable for the whole family as well! This is the fourth book in the Balu Baldauf series. Follow the entire series and look for new titles for your Kindle.

Balu Cooking

"Balu Baldauf is trying to cook up his own flavor, too."


Ruthz SB is a children's book author and illustrator, she lives with her husband and daughter in southern California. After a few years at work, she followed her passion - drawing and writing. Currently, she thrilled with her picture book series. Her favorite topics - cooking, astrology, music, nature, spirituality, friendship, vegan and life lessons.

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