Truthy Ruthy: My Secret Language

Truthy Ruthy Series: My Secret Language

Awhile back, I had posted my review from the Truthy Ruthy SeriesChristmas Surprise. There's so many books in the series. The next one I went on to finish reading to the grandchildren is the one pictured above.

About The Book


This funny children's book is about Truthy Ruthy, 
a cute and charming girl who doesn't want to stop crying 
over little things, until one day she reveals to her parents a huge secret: 
A child's cry over little things, is a secret language! 

What happens next will make you burst out laughing 
and above all, help your child to express their emotions and feelings 
in a very unique way. 


Read this story and see how having a humorous attitude 
can help your child to stop crying over little things. 
Learn how respect and humor can help you to deal 
with a crying child. 

Illustration from Truthy Ruthy: My Secret Language
Ruthy is a cute girl; happy and cheerful. She loves to eat, play, laugh and... cry!

The Friday 56

"Just before we part (again), would you like to practice the secret language, too?"

My Review

The main character is always crying! Meet Ruthy who has a hard time remembering happy times and expresses what she wants through her tears. She's always in charge and often seems to get her own way. Everyone who hears the crying aloud and at high volume wants her to stop! The little girl is taken back by her family's reaction and begins to explain her actions. Ruthy shows her parents that her tears are a form of communication, called 'the secret language of tears.' Everyone tries to understand Ruthy's feelings and copies Ruthy's behavior. Soon all are expressing 'happy tears.' The author shares ideas on helping the children to stop crying and how to experience different types of crying tones and expressions. Although it's a cute story, I found the author's approach to deeper lessons on self-respect to be a bit confusing. Sounds like a free-school approach here and I'm not sure I agree with the perspective of crying all the time in expressing wants vs. needs and especially hearing about a young child re-training their parents to think like them. In my opinion, there's disappointing story content here.

3/5 stars.

About The Author

Sari Barel is the author of children's books and co-author of the books and method called - think like a zebra® - which helped people to think outside the box, to develop creative thinking and innovation, both in business and everyday life. The first book in the series has been translated into many languages including; Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese and Hebrew. 20 years as an innovator, leading brainstorming sessions for managers and employees in a variety of businesses, training people for success and leadership and to look for ideas outside the box.

Sari Barel is a graduate of the ISEME, an extension of the University of Swinburne, Australia, where she earned the degree of Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI). In addition, she has completed graduate studies in education, advertising, copywriting and screenwriting. She has extensive experience in each of those fields.

Her training and work experience also includes public relations, internet and video marketing, mediation, acting as a life coach, coaching theatrical and comedy performers, and visual arts.

Sari is known internationally as a consultant to a wide variety of businesses with regard to marketing, creative thinking and innovation.

The variety of Sari's background is directed to her stated goal, which is to help as many people as possible--adults and children-- to escape restrictive thinking patterns and realize their full potential, not only in their life's work, but in their entire life experience. That goal has inspired her recent writing, a series of books for parents, to help them help their children think outside the box.

Missed everyone last week. We have old overhead power lines and we were having a bit of a struggle with our internet connection. All seems to be working properly at the moment. The world seems a bit crazy at this time, so we're keeping France in our prayers. Wishing you and your family happiness around the table this year!

 Happy Reading and Happy Thanksgiving!

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