Review: A Christmas Hamper

About This Book

‘A Christmas Hamper’ is a volume of pictures and stories for little folks. It tells children about friendship, the family values and the winter traditions, such as winter plays, the Christmas legends and fairies.
‘A Christmas Hamper’ was originally published by Thomas Nelson & Sons in 1899.
The ‘Animedia Press’ e-book edition (2012) contains the illustrations, which were carefully restored by a publisher. 


A very Naughty Little Person
Pour Uncle Tom
A SNow Man
Not Such Fun as it Seemed
On The Sands
Old Clothes
The Little Tiny Thing
A Lesson in Manners
The Prize Boat
The Little Thief in the Pantry
Great-Grandmothers Wish

The Friday #56

With there only being 48 pages to the book, I'm sharing a few snippets from the last page:

"Hut," said Trots, "what will the eleventh generation do when the wish stops and the good-luck?" "I don't know," said grannie, shaking her head. "I suppose they'll have to catch a fairy of their own." -- Thomas Nelson

My Review

It's an old fashion story written in rhyme with a variety of pencil illustrations. I found it to be a timeless read, taking you back to simple times, whether read alone or with your children aloud. You'll hear of fairies, family values, winter traditions and Christmas memories. I especially like the chapter, Great-Grandmother's Wish. My favorite quote from the book, "Give to me and to my daughters to the eleventh generation the lucky finger and the loving heart."

4/5 stars.

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