Book Review: 101 Piano Practice Tips

101 Piano Practice Tips: How to get your kids to the keyboard! l LadyD Books
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About The Book

Let’s face it. Most kids don’t want to practice the piano. And if they do find the time to practice, it’s usually because their parent kept nagging them. How frustrating! Piano teachers are frustrated too. It’s nearly impossible to teach students new concepts when they don’t understand the old ones--all because of a lack of practice. If you’re a parent in this situation, I have just the solution you’re looking for. In this upbeat book, I share all the tips I’ve discovered in my 14 years of teaching piano. You’ll learn fun, practical ways to get your kids to the keyboard. But this book goes one step further. I’ll show you easy ways to encourage better quality practice.

101 Piano Practice Tips: How to get your Kids to the Keyboard!

I'm currently reading this great resource (eBook) to help parents encourage their kids to practice the piano. As we approach the end of the school year, the challenges are great for us teachers. Spring is in the air and most kids are thinking about playing outdoor activities and heading to the beach!

So, to keep their enthusiasm going, my students are embarking upon a new practice incentive game called Marooned on Musicians' Island by Sheryl Welles. Needless to say, the kids love it!

Today I am participating in a book meme, Friday #56

Snippet from 101 Piano Practice Tips: How to get your kids to the keyboard
By Tracy Capps Selle
"I have one young student who has her family wear "recital hats" and they all sit around the piano while she performs."
Personally, the kids in my studio have had a blast wearing hats while they performed their practice piece just for me... Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

Piano Students Wearing Hats l LadyD Books

I have written music articles on one's piano practice that have been published on Ezine! Have a look:

My Review

Get the book! Every parent needs to read this one. I've been teaching over 20 years and I'm frequently asked this universal question of concern from the parents on piano practice. Inside the eBook, you'll discover things that you can do right now to enhance children's practice time, as well as a section on keeping teenagers interested in their instrument. The author's ideas are easy to implement for the  beginner students to the advanced one. Whether you as a parent have musical training or not, you'll find excellent tips, free online resources, and encouragement to help guide and motivate your child's practice time on the keyboard! Piano practice is fun and by reading the book, you'll be avoiding arguments and facilitating quality time in developing a daily discipline that will lead to huge benefits one day. I highly recommend the book to all piano teachers, piano students, and their families.

5/5 stars!

About The Author

Tracy Capps Selle has nearly 15 years of teaching experience and she's sharing all her secrets with you. You really can get your kids to enjoy practicing the piano!

Tracy's passion is encouraging students to find their love of music and she loves giving parents pointers on how to make that happen. Her focus is not only getting kids excited to practice the piano, but also helping students have better quality practice.

Tracy is also the creator of The Upbeat Piano Teacher series of webinars. It's a place for teachers to get educated and inspired at the same time! You can visit her website at to find out more.

Skywatch Friday

Today I'm participating in a photo meme that I enjoy. I love taking a look at skies around the world. Here in SoCal, I was able to capture a pretty blue April sky with storm clouds passing over the hills. Happy Spring!

Blue Skies: Storm Passing l LadyD Books

So, what book has captured your attention this week?

Happy Reading and Skywatching!

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