Tuttle's Red Barn: The story of America's Oldest Family Farm

Cover of "Tuttle's Red Barn"Cover of Tuttle's Red Barn
 Tuttle's Red Barn: The Story of America's Oldest Family Farm

The story of Tuttle's Red Barn is the story of America. John Tuttle arrived in Dover, New Hampshire, in 1632 with only his father's ax and the two pewter candle holders his mother had given him after they'd hugged good-bye. But from that humble beginning he built the farm that, today, still stands on the same land.

 Twelve generations have tilled this New England soil, taking part in many great milestones of American history along the way. the Tuttle family fought in the Revolutionary War, protected slaves on the Underground Railroad, and helped pave the way for the Industrial Revolution. A Tuttle was even there to offer maple syrup to Abraham Lincoln when he visited Dover.

A fascinating look at America as seen through the eyes of one family, Tuttle's Red Barn is a must-read for anyone who appreciates the story of our country. Caldecott medalist Mary Azarian's vibrant woodcut illustrations accompany Richard Michelson's informative and remarkable account of one family that has stayed connected through the centuries by a love of family, and one big red barn.

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The Tuttle family's devotion to the land is unflagging. What was once a tiny farm stand is now over 9,000 square feet with an adjacent nursery. More than 1,000 customers shop the Red Barn every day. the Tuttle farm is the oldest continuing family farm in America.

Richard Michelson is a city dweller born in brooklyn, New York. He has never milked a cow, plowed a field, fixed a roof or fed a baby pig. But he did marry the granddaughter of a farmer, and together they moved to Amherst, Massachusetts, and lived for six years in a log cabin, where their two children, Marisa and Samuel, were born. Richard Michelson is the author of numerous books for both adults and  children, including Across the Alley. He is also the owner of R.Michelson Galleries in Northampton, Massachusetts.

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