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The Pacifier Tree

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Johnny does not want to give up his pacifier – ever! Mom is at wit's end. But will Johnny's mind change when he learns about the magical Pacifier Tree? Mom and Johnny will learn an important lesson about priorities and growing up in this playful pacifier tale.
A great story for parents to read with kids struggling to give up their pacifiers!

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Giving up the pacifier can make a lot of difference in a child's speech development. Everyone knows pacifiers soothe cranky babies but it can be difficult to be weaned off of it. Giving up the pacifier just at the right time is the successful solution to his log developed habit. Parents have lots of concerns about pacifiers and the author creates a peaceful bridge for the reader to assist the need to give up the pacifier. This sweet, clever story shows a mother with a smart solution helping her son to see the bigger picture in his maturing process. One boy and many other children to follow will receive a huge reward in letting go of the pacifier... It's time! Important lessons shared with humor, along with beautiful illustrations. 5/5 stars.

 Book Author

Uncle Amos: Book Author

Uncle Amos started writing children's books at the request of his four grandsons, now aged nine, six, and three(Twins). His stories, which tackle the problems of growing up with humor and fun, are beloved of his family and hundreds of others.

The Pacifier Tree - Early Readers Children's Book+Video & Audio

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