Wordless Wednesday: How Leaves Change

 Wordful Wednesday

I was reading a Lerner Natural Science Book with my grandson called, How Leaves Change. The author is Sylvia A. Johnson, with quality photographs by Yuko Sato. It has so much information packed into one little book and will hold the attention of every young reader. Perhaps you can find it in your library. I recommend this one.

How Leaves Change (Lerner Natural Science Book)

"People who live in temperate regions of the world enjoy the variety and beauty of four different seasons. For many, autumn is the time of year that brings the greatest pleasure. The sun's light cools to a gentle glow, and the green leaves of summer undergo a remarkable change. They take on the colors of a bonfire-pale yellows, deep golds, and reds ranging from scarlet to rust.
What causes leaves to be transformed in such an amazing way year after year? This book explains the process that creates autumn color and describes the complex natural cycle of which they are a part. Vivid color photographs portray scenes of autumn splendor and the intricate changes that take place within the tiny cells of an individual leaf."
I love this time of year. My house smells yummy with pumpkin and cinnamon delight. Outside, the air is still warm here in California (in the 60s-70s), with cool nights. The leaves are changing color and dropping but not the palm trees, of course! 

How is it where you live? Are you inspired being alive outdoors or does your creativity come from within when you are cooking or drawing or resting in your comfy home?

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  1. wonderful shots! thanks for linking up to tina´s ww :)

  2. I absolutely LOVE the color changes of the leaves in the Fall. Wish they'd stay on the trees though. =)



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