Wordless Wednesday: Morro Bay at Dusk

Watery Wednesday

 Around dusk, my husband and I arrived at Morro Bay. In the upper left corner, you can see the fog beginning to roll in. This huge Morro Rock is so massive and the channel is very peaceful. Morro Bay is a charming town and we enjoyed our stay, a very worthwhile resting place. Have you been there?

There are several children's books I recommend:

"The sounds of crashing or lapping waves and the smell of salt spray are familiar signs of the seashore. The water also helps shape the seashores. Along rocky shores, storms and giant waves crash on cliffs, breaking the rocks apart bit by bit. At sandy beaches mighty currents sweep along the shore. The currents move sand from one place to another. Howling winds build sand dunes and coat everything with salt spray... The shape of the seashore is always changing."

The Seashore: A Saltwater Web of Life (Wonderful Water Biomes)
The Seaside Switch
Outdoor Wednesday
 While walking through the avocado grove, I came across this strange mushroom, fungus arrangement growing on top of an old stump. Have you seen anything this strange before?

Wordless Wednesday
 "Samantha" (my mother-in-law's gorgeous Siamese cat), striking up a pose with her mesmerizing blue eyes!

Both of my grandson's request for the day is their own "Cars" pillowcases. What fun! If you know of a 'little someone' who likes to color, here's some free-coloring-pages-disney cars

Car Magazine Subscription

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!
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