Wordless Wednesday: Starfish

Tide Pool Starfish

"Now the tide turns, and water flows back up the beach. Starfish creep from hiding places between the rocks looking for mollusks to eat. Starfish have no heads or tails, so when they move, any arm can lead the way."

For ages 7 and up

From The Ocean Tide Pool by Jeanne Bendick:

"A tide pool is more than just water. It also is home to many animals. Some may live their whole lives here. Others may come and go with the waves. But one thing is certain. The tide pool will never again be exactly as it is right now."
Did you know that starfish are not fish at all? They are echinoderms, spiny-skinned sea creatures. Starfish have hundreds of tiny tube feet beneath their arms. Each foot has a suction cup to grip onto rocks.

Exploring an Ocean Tide Pool (Redfeather Book)

Have you been to an aquarium before? It is a great learning center to discover where the great wonders of the sea come alive. In La Jolla, we have Birch Aquarium at Scripps.

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A surfer catching the waves, West Coast style, on his red surfboard. Temperatures are warming up again here in Southern California. How is it where you are?

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