Book Review: I'm Not Tired Yet

For ages 4 and up

Tuesday Review

 I was so pleased to receive a free copy (children's picture book) of Marianne Richmond's "I'm Not Tired Yet!"  from LibraryThing.

Marianne Richmond is the bestselling author and illustrator of numerous beautiful books for parents and children to share. She creates emotional and thoughtful stories that children of any age will appreciate now and forever. For more information, visit

My Review

A perfect bedtime story, well written in rhyme with colorful illustrations, especially the caterpillar pickle. We see a tender, loving relationship between a mother and her son Ralphie who has trouble sleeping. The two of them work on a series of solutions from gorilla hugs to polar bear cuddles. If you are looking for an exciting new approach to your repetitive bedtime ritual and a release from the cares of the day and for little fears to melt away, I highly recommend this wonderful book. It is a heart treasure, for sure and one of lasting value. I am so grateful to have this book on the eve of my grandson's 4th birthday because he always says, " but YaYa, I'm not sleepy!"

***** stars!

Author-Illustrator Marianne Richmond

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I'm Not Tired Yet!

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