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I have such fond memories of visiting the East Coast and looking out at the Atlantic Ocean. My first impression regarding the state of Maine is that it is surrounded by so much water everywhere. Plus, there are stacks of lobster traps by so many coves and docks. Have you been there? It's so beautiful to see in the summer, as well as the winter. 

In addition, you'll find museums filled with antiques and treasures. I enjoyed seeing some of the sites in Rockland and Portland. The Lobster festival is held every year in August in Rockland. I am a huge fan of seafood. How about you?

For Grades 4-8

"The Coast Mappers" by Taylor Morrison is an excellent children's book that I highly recommend. I discovered it at our local library and the reviews by Booklist, School Library Journal, Kirkus and Publishers Weekly are amazing.

This particular book is about the West Coast.

"Everyone can measure an inch, or even a foot--all it takes is a ruler. But how would you go about measuring over three thousand miles of rugged coastline?"

Here's a little blurb about the book:

"In the mid-nineteenth century, little was known of the west coast and waterways. The ships that sailed those waters did so at a considerable risk, sometimes depending on only a school atlas to navigate and all too often crashing into the rocks. So the U.S. Coast Survey, whose purpose was to map every mile of American shoreline, commissioned George Davidson to chart all of the major points on the coast and all of the waterways in between. In this beautifully illustrated book, Taylor Morrison chronicles the challenges and adventures Davidson and his team faced and the methods they used to accomplish this monumental, and essential, task."

The Coast Mappers

Great artwork and educational information for older children.

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  1. We'd love to have you for the Thomaston 4th of July, Blues Festival or Lobster Festival! :)

  2. beautiful work here!!! I LOVE LOBSTER!!!!!

    1. Thanks Linda. I love scallops and lobster, too!

  3. I have always wanted to go to the Northeast and this only confirms how beautiful it is there! One day...


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