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Mountain Range HDR

It isn't always warm and beautiful here in sunny California. This last passing storm dropped a fair amount of snow on our local mountain range and it was quite a spectacular sight. I just love the way the clouds and snow appear to be touching one another, especially with the HDR effect. It sure looks like a painting. Now that Picnik is about to close, have you found a place for editing? I use photoshop Elements and Google+.

Remember to set your clocks ahead. Can you believe it's that time again? Spring is just around the corner! How is it where you are?

Today I am looking at a cool book by Beverley Alvarez called, "Kids can Sew." This is where you'll learn how to make cool bags, sparkly slippers, personalized T-shirts, beaded belts and so much more.

For ages 4 and up

For Book Beginnings

"Sewing is all about being creative with fabric, and it's great fun, too! Learning basic sewing and embroidery stitches is not difficult, and with these simple skills under your belt you can make lots of beautiful items, from clothes and toys to to bags and pillowcases... Once you have learned these simple skills you can use the techniques to make anything you want, such as gifts for friends and family, or treats just for you."

For Friday 56

"Fold the thin white cotton tape into a simple number seven shape. Pin the number to the center of the pocket. Baste, then remove the pins and sew with a small running stitch. Remove the basting."

About the author:

Beverley Alvarez has been knitting since the age of five, under the expert guidance of her mom and grandma. Now working as a custom dressmaker and designer, her clients have included Trevor Sorbie, Marks and Spencer, The Brave’s Film Company, and Rapido TV. She also tours the UK holding workshops for both adults and children.  

Kids Can Sew: Fun and Easy Projects for Your Small Stitcher


I love to sew, nothing fancy... just a simple dress that could look great with a black top underneath (or any color) for my granddaughter, almost 2.  How about you?

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