Wordless Wednesday: Teacher Gifts

Teacher Gift from my Kindergarten Music Class: LadyD Books
Kindergarten Music Class graduation.

Gerbera Daisy
Giving flower gifts and receiving them.

Gerbera Daisy: LadyD Books
                                            What a wonderful school year. Hello, summer!

Communicating with Students Made Simple

1. Thank you for lining up today. You were very helpful in following the rules.
2. Thanks you for taking attendance. You did a terrific job.
3. Thank you for taking your seat. You were helpful and polite. 
4. Thank you for collecting workbooks. You are dependable and organized.
5. Thank you for being room monitor. You did a great job handling your special duty.
6. Thank you for being a leader today. You have the ability to be number 1.
7. Thank you for helping keep the room in order. You can be counted on for being neat.
8. Thank you for cooperating. You made the day so much easier.
9. Thank you for being considerate. You are kind and thoughtful.
10. Thank you for paying attention. You listened to an important message.
11. Thank you for raising your hand. It was thoughtful of you to talk in turn.
12. Thank you for keeping your hands and feet to yourself. You were very polite today.
13. Thank you for assisting me today. You are a dependable and good worker.
14. Thank you for trying. You put forth your best efforts.
15. Thank you for listening so well. You are learning more than ever! 

Being a piano teacher for over 15 years, I have received many lovely gifts from students and some creative ones, too. Have you discovered the same thing? I keep all my treasures in a special box. One favorite treat of mine, is receiving a Starbucks Gift Certificates. How I love coffee. I do remember buying and making presents for all of my children's very-deserving teachers at the end of the year.

For K-music class, here are a few examples of handmade instruments and other music items.

I Spy Whole Notes: LadyD Books
I Spy a Whole Note
Music Rest Pillow Hearts: LadyD Books
Music Rests
Homemade Rainsticks: LadyD Books
Homemade Safari Shakers: LadyD Books
Safari Shakers

Cool Songs!

Farmer in the Dell The (In the Style of Children's Fun Songs) [Karaoke Version]  

I'm participating in the following memes for today:


 Happy Summer!

 “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis
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