Starvation Mountain: Haiku

Starvation Mountain in the San Pasqual Valley: LadyD Books

Starvation Mountain
how far does it seem to go
no food found up there
hear the cries of the hungry

Along the winding mountain
looking for the crumb
hoping to warm my tummy
but not finding one

Write two original Haikus.
Remember to use the syllable count 5-7-5.
Also, remember that Haikus are written
about a season or about nature! Credit: Rheanna Skelton

Well, folks, this is my very first attempt in writing a haiku... so please be easy on me. I thought I would try it since April is Poetry Month! Yes, this mountain does exist and it is located in the San Pasqual Valley.  Not really sure if the Indians called it Starvation Mountain or if one of the Safari Park tour guides gave it the name so children wouldn't wander off from their parents. In any case, I was so glad for the opportunity to see this beautiful spot this season. LadyD Books is linking with other sky watchers, Skywatch Friday

brown and white butterflies: LadyD Books

Words You Know

chrysalis - the second stage of a butterfly's life.
larva - the first stage of an insect's life.
nectar - a sugary liquid that plants make to attract insects and birds.
proboscis - a long, thin tube that a butterfly uses to drink nectar. It works like a straw.
milkweed plant - a plant that is common in North America. Monarch butterflies always lay their eggs on these plants, so that the caterpillars can eat the leaves.

black-white butterflies at safari park exhibit: LadyD Books


Migration - Moving from one region or habitat to another for food or for a mate.
Instinct - Behavior that animals are born knowing how to do.
Habitat - The place or environment where a plant or animal naturally lives.

black and red butterflies at the san diego safari park: LadyD Books

My butterfly photos were taken at the San Diego Safari Park, Butterfly Exhibit with the Nikon D200. The exhibit was very humid and my camera lens kept fogging up but well worth the trip to see all these majestic butterflies flying and landing about... such a wonder. Do you have a butterfly garden?

Children's Picture Book

The Friday 56

Joke: Why did the butter jump off the table?
Answer: It wanted to be a butterfly!

-- Fly, Monarch! Fly! by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

There are several books that are among my favorites on the subject of butterflies. My grandchildren and I recommend these but tell me, have you read some, too?

1. Butterfly - Heinemann Library
2. A Monarch Butterfly's Life - John Himmelman
3. National Geographics Kids

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis
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