Review: The Tooth Fairy's Unlikely Adventure

The Tooth Fairy's Ulikely Adventure
My 5 year old grandson recently lost a tooth. Since then, I have recently discovered oodles of tooth fairy merchandise, plus an increase of $3.50 under the pillow!








Book Description

Every child has to go thru the process of losing their baby teeth. It seems that there is nothing more distracting than a loose tooth. This was Kelli’s FIRST loose tooth. Her parents told her that when the tooth came out that the Tooth Fairy would visit her when she went to sleep that night.

Kelli had never heard about the Tooth Fairy before. She could not wait to put the tooth under her pillow and receive some coins the Tooth Fairy would leave that night. Little did she know what an amazing adventure would develop as a result of loosing that first tooth. Share her experiences with the Tooth Fairy and the Tooth Fairy’s secret special helper.

Will Kelli be able to help the Tooth Fairy?

Who gave the Tooth Fairy the best plan ever?

Who is the Tooth Fairy's enemy?

 My Review

Childhood is a special time filled with wonder and excitement. Loving a Tooth Fairy makes a child's dream believable. In this moving story line, the author creates the excitement of Kelli waiting for her first time visit from the tooth fairy. She wakes up to a wiggly tooth and it seems the fun is just beginning as she shares with her school teacher, family and friends. But that night the adventure begins with an introduction to the tooth fairy's enemy (protagonist), Plaque. I'm a huge fan of good over evil plots. Find out how the conflict resolves when Plaques steals the Tooth Fairy's coins and who becomes the hero. This is a delightful book for parent and child. Very engaging, with many teachable moments. Overall, a great intro to the tooth fairy and caring for one's teeth that will last a lifetime. 

4/5 stars. Recommend. Cute story!

The Friday 56 

"That, of course was exactly what Plaque planned to do with the pills of candy he saw when he lifted his ugly head above the rim of the hole." 
-- Gallagher Twins, Michael James

This book is so timely because my grandson who is 5 years old just lost his first tooth! Can you see all the mixed emotions on his face? He managed to slam his mouth right into his knee while jumping off the stairs. My other grandson jumps off EVERYTHING with a spin in the air on the way down. I'm sure he'll be visiting the ER more than once in his lifetime! :(

grandson missing a tooth: LadyD Books



Michael James lives in Somers Point, NJ and Panama City Beach, FL with his wife of 49 years and two pugnacious black pugs. He has three wonderful kids that were and still are the inspiration for the storybooks he writes and publishes. Not having to shovel snow ever again in the winter is a small but welcome blessing.

Michael graduated from St. Joseph's University in 1964 and has held various sales and management positions. He has always been an avid reader. As his three children grew, he decided to publish "Michael and the Sandman" and then, "Kelli and the Tooth Fairy." Both storybooks are whimsical, tongue-in-cheek looks at the traditional versions.

What Others Are Saying 

"The story was very creative."
"This is a very good book to give to children."

The Tooth Fairy's Unlikely Adventure (The Fairy Tale Series)

A side note here... I was amazed at how much stuff goes along with the Tooth Fairy. What a business!

Tooth Fairy Pillows

Tooth Bank

Tooth Fairy Letters

TuTu Totes

Do you have fond family memories with the tooth fairy?

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